100% Committed to Safety

Viking Industrial's employees are the reason for our success. Our objective is the safety and health of our employees, and we measure this success through complete commitment from all employees who join our team. Our safety goal is a Zero incident rate, and we're determined to succeed here as well.

We're proud to say our safety programs far exceed the minimum requirements for all local, state and federal OSHA programs. We designed them that way, and we keep them updated that way. Our in-house Safety Staff works closely with our insurance carriers and their Loss Prevention programs to further strengthen our safety programs.

We also require this commitment to safety from our subcontractors.  As a growing company, we're always looking for new opportunities and new relationships, but all of our new partners must fully understand and agree with our philosophy. From General Contractors and/or owners to subcontractors and field reps, we want everyone on our projects to share our passion for safety.

Drug-Free Work Place

Viking Industrial Inc. is proudly a drug-free workplace. Our commitment to safety also includes a drug-free work environment as top priority, and our policy formally and clearly states that the illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs will not be tolerated.

As a method of maintaining our policy, we have implemented pre-employment and active employment substance testing. As part of our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all, we maintain a resource file on various means of employee assistance in our community, including but not limited to drug and alcohol abuse programs. We're striving to maintain a workplace free of substance abuse, without jeopardizing our valued employees' job security.

The simple fact that work is inherently hazardous should prompt us all to pay added attention any safety program. The mere presence of a dangerous situation cannot be used to justify the omission any preventative steps that can reduce the suffering and waste caused by accidents. Sadly, accidents are caused, they don't just happen.