Piping Division

Viking Industrial can provide piping installation, modification, and repair services at our customers' sites, including the prefabrication of piping at our facilities or at the customer's location. When it's critical to your manufacturing operations to efficiently transport raw materials, chemicals, compounds and finished liquid products in your manufacturing process, rely on Viking.

We have project managers and estimators that deliver experience to any piping project, but, we are also staffed with expert on-site crews of field supervisors, pipe fitters, welders, and licensed plumbers.

Avoid longer production cycles, wasted product, increased energy usage, and the impact they can have on your bottom line. Let us help you compete more successfully and maximize your company's resources.

Viking's process piping services include:

  • Piping
  • Layout-process/Utility/Plumbing
  • Process piping - Sanitary/Air/Water/Chemical
  • HVAC piping - Chilled water/Steam/Condensation
  • Application engineering
  • Fabrication/Construction
  • Installation and Erection
  • Maintenance/Monitoring contracts
  • Orbital welding
  • Boiler piping
  • New or retrofitting old designs/Upgrades 
  • Air
  • Water/Liquid
  • Chemical
  • Ammonia
  • High or low pressure piping

Viking can supply and install:

  • All types of tubing, piping, rings, elbows, stainless aluminum and carbon steel
  • Threaded/Welded/Grooved Process Piping
  • Stainless, galvanized, plastic, copper, or black pipe
  • Fiberglass