Plant maintenance is a broad subject as there a large number of plant types and sizes. It often refers to the manner and methods used to keep an industrial plant running at top condition and efficiency. It can include anything from contract janitorial services to mechanical upkeep to general maintenance, retrofits and upgrades, and new construction.

Viking's staff is so knowledgeable about these systems, it's easy for us to offer the technical and physical support when and where you need it.  We can examine your plant's needs, and create a custom plan for your specific needs. Our maintenance management processes provide you with a more efficient, safer, and more profitable workplace.

With the exception of electrical, our support staff can handle your mechanical, pumping, and piping maintenance needs, regardless of whether the facility is centered on food, glass, manufacturing, is a laboratory, etc.

Once these processes in place, Viking allows you to be in complete control of your plant and equipment reliability and maintenance performance. Developing equipment and facility maintenance strategies that provide superior equipment reliability is a Viking Industrial specialty.