Quality Assurance

We have developed our Quality Assurance Program to supplement our years of dedication to quality products and services, accepting the guidance of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in establishing our quality in the office and in the field. We have an AWS/CWI - certified staff with a QC-1 endorsement that insures welding quality. Every employee is expected to adhere to the Bureau of Labor Standards guidelines for Professional Tradesmen.

Viking Industrial, Inc. Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee of Viking Industrial, Inc.

Quality measures the degree of excellence with which our products and services satisfy the needs of our customers. Quality encompasses the safety and health of our employees, the development, manufacture and costs of our products and the way we choose to serve our customers.

Viking provides quality products that enhance our customers' profitability.

We are committed to creating a team-oriented environment in which all employees are able to influence and affect quality through continuous improvement in each aspect of Viking Industrial, Inc.'s operations and service to our customers.

Quality: A standard everyone is encouraged to follow.