Company Profile

Viking Industrial is a full service mechanical contracting company specializing in fabrication and installation. 

Viking can translate your vision from idea to blueprint to in-shop fabrication to building erection on the job site, and has earned its reputation as the region's leader in full-service metal fabrication, design, and manufacturing. Our staff averages 75 employees, with access to as many as 100 additional craftsmen, technicians, and engineers qualified enough to be a part of the Viking workforce. 

Numerous industries have relied on Viking Industrial for industrial piping installations, fabrications, maintenance, and repair work, including:

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Carpet
  • Plastic
  • Automotive
  • Woodpulp and paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Gas

The Viking Industrial, Inc. Process

Directly reporting to the CEO, Project Managers estimate coordinate, and manage individual projects based on Viking's client list.  Each PM is responsible for estimating, bidding, coordination, and management to ensure that all projects are completed to 100% satisfaction of our clients.  Our goal is to remain within budget at all times while doing all within our control to keep each project on schedule.  In the field, craft foreman or general foreman are responsible for coordinating, executing, and managing the work and contract personnel, and each foreman reports directly to Viking's Project Managers. 

For shop-fabricated items, Viking's Shop Foreman is responsible for all shop personnel and the QA/QC of every fabricated item. Additionally, Viking's onsite foreman helps ensure QA/QC by checking all shop-fabricated work upon arrival and by providing oversight for installation.  It is the responsibility of the foreman to ensure all work is fabricated and installed per plans and specifications, and each foreman will seek oversight and guidance should clarification become necessary.

Viking Industrial is led by its owner,  Scott Hedrick.  Mr. Hedrick is the CEO, and provides oversight and management for the sheet metal, piping, plumbing and HVAC divisions. The company is listed on Dun & Bradstreet.